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How to get to the Naantali Spa

Arriving to Turku airport

1) A minibus service is available for Chromo2007 attendees from the Turku airport to the Spa. The car is in the front of the airport arrival hall in the ground floor next to the regular taxis at the time of flight arrival to Turku airport. The car has a Chromo2007 sign in the windscreen. This minibus can take up to 11 passengers with luggage. One-way fee is 6 EUR per person. The driving time to the Naantali Spa is approximately 25 minutes and therefore in case all passengers who arrived with a particular flight do not fit into the car we recommend taking a regular taxi (see below).

2) Regular taxis are available in the front of the airport arrival hall in the ground floor. The fee to Naantali Spa is about 25 EUR per a taxi. The cars can take 3-6 persons depending of the car model and amount of the luggage passengers are carrying.

Most drivers speak English and all know where the Naantali Spa is located. Remember to tell the driver that your destination is the Naantali Spa as there are three other spas in the Turku region.

Arriving to Helsinki airport

1) Take an express bus to Turku (this is the recommended and more convenient option). The buses leave from the front of the international terminal. The time table for Saturday 16th of June is available at


On the web site select Helsinki-Vantaa International terminal to be your place of departure in the drop down menu. If your date of arrival is other than June 16, select “all departure days”.

Note that there is a bus change some 20 minutes drive from the airport at the Espoo Ikea junction. The bus will stop here if you tell the driver/ticket teller that you are travelling to Turku upon boarding. Tickets are sold by the driver or a ticket teller in the bus. The other bus to take you to Turku will be waiting for you at the Ikea junction or will soon arrive there. The total travelling time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. One-way ticket app. 25 EUR

2) Take a Finnair City Bus (city bus timetable) to Helsinki Train station (travelling time 35 min, ticket 5.30 EUR). At the Helsinki train station find a ticket booth or automat and buy a ticket to Turku train. The train time table is attached. Travelling time is 2 hours, one-way ticket app. 26 EUR.  

How to get to Naantali Spa from Turku Bus station or Train station

1) After arrival to the Turku bus station take a second bus to Naantali (the bus drives by the Spa). One-way fee is app. 6 EUR. Driving time is app. 35 min. The time table for June 16 is available at

Or take a taxi to Naantali Spa, driving time app. 25 min. Fee app. 25 EUR per a taxi.

2) After arrival to the Turku Train station. Take a taxi to the Turku Bus station and follow the instructions above (driving time 3 minutes, app. 10 EUR.)

Or take a taxi to Naantali Spa, driving time app. 25 min. Fee app. 25 EUR per a taxi.